EMS Phones

EMS Phones

Why Call Janus?

EMS Phones by Janus Elevator Products are a fore runner in the industry. With installations by all major elevator companies EMS is the phone that other companies copy. The Lincoln Memorial, in our nation’s capitol, is one of many of the prestigious sights where our phones are in use. Companies rely on our long standing record of quality, and customer support. Janus is proud to offer the EMS line of phone and communication equipment.

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Product Features

Fully ADA and ASME-compliant

The entire line of Janus phone systems are CSA certified and FCC approved. Fully-programmable options on all EMS and VPP phones ensure end users optimum security and reliability in all emergency situations.

Optimized Connectivity

Get rid of unwanted phone lines and organize your entire network of phones with Call Directors. These ring-down devices can save you money by eliminating multiple phone line expenses and increasing efficiency.

Point-to-Point Communications

Janus intercoms are easy to install and provide excellent point-to-point communications and the very best in co-compliant solutions for your emergency phone network.


EMS Phones

Janus was among the very first to manufacture ADA-compliant hands-free phones in elevators worldwide. We build branded phones for industry-leading OEMs.


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