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Panachrome 3D

Panachrome 3D

Passenger Safety, 2nd to none. 
The Panachrome door edge system is the revolutionary new elevator safety detection system offering maximum passenger protection.

The traditional infra-red light curtain is coupled with colored indicators that operate on elevator door movement, or that can be manually triggered with door open/close circuit.

The Panachrome detectors will illuminate green if the elevator doors are opening, flash red as they start to close, and they will continue to stay red as the doors move together.

The combined system is an effective solution for sites where extra caution is required on the elevator.

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Features & Benefits

  • Complies with American Disability Act
  • Coverage exceeds minimum requirements of 1” to 70.9”
  • Colored red/green indication to highlight door movement
  • Infra-red detection delivered as 154 beam light curtain
  • 13 foot pluggable cable
  • 18 foot range
  • Choice of 3/8” and 1 5/8” profiles
  • High resistance to water and dust
  • Simplified installation
  • Can be used on center-opening and side opening doors
  • Superior 3D protection
  • Patent pending


Janus Safety Edges

From basic detector screens to 3D detectors and from waterproof to enhanced color-cued door edges, Janus offers tremendous selection and maximum safety.


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