Elevator Emergency Telephones

Janus EMS emergency telephones are a forerunner in the industry. Installed by all of the major elevator companies, they have come to trust our elevator emergency telephone systems to provide code compliant service in North America.

The entire Janus EMS emergency telephone range are CSA certified and FCC approved.


    EMS Elevator Emergency Telephone

    The EMS elevator emergency telephones provides trapped passengers with an easy, hands- free connection to emergency help.

  • PNB-R Board

    EMS PNB-R Telephone

    The PNB-R is a drop in replacement for a Rath unit and provides trapped passengers with an easy, hands free [read more]

  • EMS5 call director

    EMS5 Call Director

    The Janus EMS5 Call Director connects up to 8 EMS emergency telephones to a single telephone line, helping reduce operating costs.

  • MG3


    The MG3 is a true drop in replacement for an Otis Nogales phone. Key Features Complies with the requirements of [read more]

  • Master station phone

    Master Station Phones

    The Janus Master Station Phone provides two-way communication between the lobby or fire control room and the elevator phones on an EMS5 system.

  • Point-to-point intercom

    Point-to-point Intercom

    The Point-to-point intercom system provides communication between the lobby or hall station and the elevator car. Machine room-to-car communication is also available in this format.

  • Line monitoring alert panel

    Phone Line Monitoring Alert Panel

    The Janus Phone Line Monitoring Alert (LMA) Panel, when used with Janus emergency telephones with the phone line monitoring option, [read more]

  • Machine room to car intercom

    Machine Room to Car Intercom

    The Janus Machine Room to Car Intercom works with any type of ADA-compliant elevator telephones, allowing a low-cost, easy-to-install retrofit solution.