Janus Elevator
Providing Elevator Communication for Building and Passenger Safety
Janus celebrates over three decades as a reliable and respected provider of elevator products and components.
We offer premium communication devices and monitoring solutions designed to meet all current ASME and CSA industry codes.
We proudly work with a large range of customers, but always seek to find the best solution for each individual application.​
ASME/CSA Section 2.27.1: Car Emergency Signaling Devices
EMS Phones
Elevator Phones
Surface, Flush/Panel &
Behind-the-Panel Mounting Options
Safety Edges
Safety Edges
2D & 3D Detection for Elevator Door
Safeguarding and Protecting
SmartView Two-Way Visual Communication
Visual Communication
SmartView Two-Way
Visual Communication System
Call Directors & Intercoms
Call Directors & Intercoms
Lobby & Machine Room
Phone Line Monitoring
Phone Line Monitoring
Communications Failure Compliant
Avire Hub
Elevator Cloud Monitoring
Avire Hub Online Platform
VPP Phones
Vandal Proof Phones
VPP Emergency Phones

Janus Education and Technical Support

At Janus, we believe that ongoing education is paramount to your professional development.
Our goal is to provide relevant information to assist you in making the right decisions.
Elevator Code Requirements: Read applicable ASME and CSA Codes
Elevator Code Requirements
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ASME/CSA B44-19 Codes for
Elevator Safety and Communication
Education and Tech Support: Click to Ask the Expert, Watch Videos & Animations, Sign up for our Lunch and Learn or Contact Tech
Education and Tech Support
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Janus Consultants' Corner: Download Data Sheets, Manuals and Specifications
Consultants' Corner
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Data Sheets, Manuals and

Connecting & Protecting People

We are continuously looking to the future and listening to our customerís needs in an ever-changing world.

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