E Series Safety Edge

E Series Safety Edge

Elevator Door Protection System

The E-Series Safety Edge has a versatile range with up to 36-diode version, supporting up to 174 criss-cross beams for premium safety.
The 36-diode version is able to detect a 50mm target which is compliant with EN81-20 standards.
The RX has a diagnostic LED that is visible through the lens and provides an indication of a trigger or a possible system fault.
In case of failure, the diagnostic output on the RX will inform the elevator controller so that the kinetic energy of the closing doors can be limited to the required level.
The system has been designed to be tolerant to the infra-red content equivalent to 100k lux. This results in very high levels of light immunity and outstanding reliability.
The edges are housed in a 10, 32, or 40mm profile.

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E Series Safety Edge
E Series Safety Edge

Key Features:
  • EN81-20 compliant
  • Designed for new and existing installations
  • Suitable for dynamic or static installations
  • Reduced installation time: no set up required, no communication wire, no configuration needed
  • Extended range of input voltages 11-42vdc to suit all applications
  • Robust electronics
  • Timeout software
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Auto Beam Disabling (ABD)


E Series Safety Edge
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