E200 Safety Edge

E200 Safety Edge

Elevator Door Protection System

The E200 safety edge is the ideal replacement for the obsolete D200.
The E200 comes with a plug and play power supply, (2) 15 extension cables, and mounting brackets for both center and side opening installations.
These brackets can be drilled to match any existing mounting holes. The 1.5 inch profile is IP65 rated.
The E200 contains 36 diodes support 174 criss cross beams, and is made in compliance with the European EN81-20 standard. It can detect a 1.9 inch object at any point in the detection zone, offering a robust and safe solution. The RX also contains a diagnostic LED for fault finding, decreasing installation time and maintenance.

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E200 Safety Edge
E200 Safety Edge

Key Features:
  • Ideal replacement of existing installations
  • CSA and EN81-20 compliant
  • Suitable for side and center opening doors
  • Robust housing with IP65 rating
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Includes power supply
  • Supports direct wire up to door operators


E200 Safety Edge
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