Panachrome Safety Edge

Panachrome Safety Edge

Infrared Elevator Door Protection System

The premium infrared light curtain has colored red and green indicators that operate on door movement to indicate opening and closing.
The Panachrome offers 3D detection in the landing zone for additional passenger protection.
This unique combined system is an effective solution for sites where passenger traffic is high or where additional safety measures are required.

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Panachrome Safety Edge
Panachrome Safety Edge

Key Features:
  • Complies with the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
  • Colored red/green indicators highlight door movement
  • The 3D detection zone covers from just above floor level to 65" and the detection range is equal to approximately half the door separation
  • Dense infrared 154 beam safety edge
  • Suitable for center opening and side opening doors
  • Voice option available
  • Self-drilling screws make the product quick and easy to install
  • Power reduction software prolongs the life of the safety edge
  • Typical applications include hospitals, hotels, and airports


Panachrome Safety Edge
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