Segmented Displays

Segmented Displays

Display Accessories

The segmented series of digital position indicators are used for both landing and elevator car fixtures to indicate an elevator car position and direction of travel.
The displays are powered and controlled by an MX encoder using only three wires that keep installation time to a minimum. The mounting holes provided on each position indicator are laid out for the most common types of segmented displays. The standard red color stands out in any fixture and provides excellent definition, clarity, and brightness. Other colors, such as green and amber, are also available on request. The optional lenses are held in place by a metal frame which uses the same mounting holes as the display. The lens not only protects the LED modules but also masks the electronics behind it. Configuration of the floor legends is done via the MX encoder.

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Segmented Displays
Segmented Displays (Part Numbers - MS2522V, MS2520V, MS5520H & MS5521H)

Key Features:
  • Customizable options
  • Landing and elevator car fixtures
  • Powered and controlled by an MX encoder
  • Range of character sizes including 2.2", 1.0", and 0.5"
  • Alphanumeric characters
  • Options available with chime interface for ADA compliance


Segmented Displays
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